Romelto Design

At Romelto, we want to help you to solve your creative headache. We can help you to update your visual identity. Let's collaborate and create something nice!

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Examples from our portfolio and what we do


Illustrations and card designs. We do illustrations for different purposes and original card designs.

CD Designs


Layouts and paginations. We've done for example layouts for CD/LP covers and book paginations.


Pattern design

We love patterns. We design patterns for fabrics, prints etc.


Logo designs

Logo designs for web and print.


Posters & Brochures

Tour posters, advertisement and original design posters.



Original paintings by Malin Merikalla.

For commissions, please contact

About Romelto - Our purpose

We founded Romelto in order to do business from our own perpective and to be creative. With Romelto we want to

explore our own creativity and get inspired by creating new things
collaborate with other designers, artists & musicians
help small businesses and freelancers by offering our service